This is a new series of GeneralTouch’s zero-bezel touch monitor. Employing iSurface (Zero-bezel Surface Acoustice Wave) technology. It not only inherits the advantages of traditional SAW products, such as high reliability, high durability, high clarity and scratch resistance, but also has a flat gorgeous appearance . Aluminum alloy shell with a matting surface gives a metallic feeling. The led lamp is composed of control system and lighting system, which enables multiple visual effects. The LED backlight module provides a slim look, longer life, and lower power consumption for the touch monitor. It's the best choice for gaming machines, self-service terminals, ticketing machines.

• Zero-bezel SAW technology(iSurface)

• Pure glass touchscreen delivers superior image quality

• Gorgeous appearance
• Continues to work even with scratches

• Easy integration and low maintenance

• Excellent performance, accuracy and reliability with drift-free operation
LCD Panel Parameters
Black 16:9 LED 509.184 mm(H) × 286.416 mm(V) 1920 × 1080 @ 60 Hz 14 ms 16.7 M 250 cd/m2 1000:1 Horizontal (left/right): 178°(89°/89°)(Typ.) Vertical (up/down): 178°(89°/89°)(Typ.)
Touch Screen Parameters
Surface Acoustic Wave((SAW) 511.18 mm × 288.42 mm 4 mm 10.4 ms 90% Mohs’ hardness rating of 7 RS232/USB
Touch Monitor Parameters
VESA Mount , 75mm × 75mm & 100mm × 100mm VGA/HDMI 574.00mm(W) × 351.00mm(H) × 42.80mm(D) External Adapter:100-240VAC,50-60Hz Input Voltage Range: +12VDC ±5% Control(back): Power, Menu, Up, Down, Auto 50W WS2812(OtherSimilar IC) width edge of the monitor(front and back) underside of the monitor(back) width edge of the monitor : 5mm(front) 3.5mm(back) , 15mm(underside of the monitor, back) 16.7M (can be controlled by customer) Operating: 0℃-40℃,storage: -20℃-60℃ Operating: 20%-80%,storage: 10%-90% 50000Hrs(Mean Time Between Failures) FCC/CE 3 years LCD panel : 1 year Led Light Bar : 1 year