General Touch’s Touchscreen utilizes the high quality Projected Capacitive touch screen which supports 10-point simultaneous touch, and delivers the smooth operation of multi-point gesture and handwriting function. The integrated LED backlit display module with high resolution and contrast ratio lasts longer and consumes less power. It furnishes superb clarity and sharp image display for users and is rather suitable for various self-service applications, such as ATM, ticket machine, gaming, retail terminal, etc..

Excellent multi-touch experience with 10-point P-Cap touch screen

Flat & Seamless front surface

High security with high hardness PET coating
LED backlit, ultra-thin and ultra-light

Clarity imaging with high resolution and contrast ratio
LCD Panel Parameters
Pure glass 42” 16:9 1004mm × 597mm × 17mm 932.24mm(H) × 525.26mm(V) 32767 × 32767 4mm Can meet IEC60950 ball drop test (0.5 kg, 50mm diameter ball dropped from height of 1.3 m)s 90%
Touch Screen Parameters
Projected Infrared Multi-Touch Screen PT3042UR IP54/Safe/Anti-Glare ≤12 ms Mohs' hardness rating of 7 USB 2.0 ≤10 points Finger or any other opaque stylus
Touch Monitor Parameters
External Adapter: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz Input Voltage Range: DC 12V±5% Operating: 0℃~60℃,storage: -10℃~70℃ 90% RH at 40°C, noncondensing 3000m Windows XP/7/8,Android,Linux 18 months