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Surface Acoustic Wave - SAW

A SAW touchscreen consists of a glass panel, transducers, reflection strips and cables. The transducers, cables and the reflection stripes are located on the front surface. The SAW controller sends electrical signals to transmitting transducers of both the X and Y axes. The transducers convert these electrical signals from the controller into ultrasonic waves which are then reflected by the reflector arrays and sent across the front, rear and side surfaces. These waves are then reflected back to the receiving transducers by another set of reflector array on each opposite side of the surface. The receiving transducers will convert the waves into electrical signals and feed them back to the controller.

When the screen is touched, the finger absorbs a portion of the wave passing across the surface of the panel. The resulted change in ultrasonic wave frequency will be detected and a coordinate is calculated. This process happens independently for both the X and Y axes.

 How It Works

High clarity, High light transmittance
Due to the pure glass construction, there are no coatings and plastic films and the light transmittance can reach 90%.With low light reflecting loss, SAW touch screen brings users excellent viewing experience.

Stability, Easy maintenance
Simple and sleek construction especially pure-glass screen guarantees the stability, making the equipment maintenance easier and reducing the cost greatly.

Easily customized for better performance with low cost
General Touch offers a wide range of cost-efficient customization options to meet your requirements including size, thickness, radius curvature, anti-vandal/anti-glare surface treatment, etc.

High distinguish-ability, drift-free operation
Touch position can be detected accurately as the surface is fully covered with acoustic wave signal. Besides, with the capability of anti-electromagnetic interference, SAW touch screen is free from drift.

Windows Certified, support a variety of operating systems
General Touch achieved win8 certification in 2003 and SAW touch products are compatible with Android, Linux, Dos, Windows OS, etc.
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