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Touch Computer

All-in-one computor integrates touch monitor and system host,could be fast deployed with touch equipment. Intel-powered All-in-One computer with Windows OS (Optional) is the best choice for your professional needs.

Plug and play, easy to use
Equipped with standard signal interface and make PNP possible. The monitor and built-in computer support one-key start and shutdown.

Built-in industrial OPS
Provide different level of Industrial OPS computers from high-end to low-end and there is no extra volume occupation. The system is highly integrated making installation and maintenance easier, and that can cut the cost sharply.

Varieties of touch technologies and wide size supported
General Touch provides All-in-One computers with SAW, PIT or P-Cap touch technology and size ranges from 10.4" to 42".

Perfectly support a variety of operating systems
Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/7/8/10 OS, Android OS, Linux OS etc.

All-metal body, Ultra-thin design
Sleek and refined appearance design with ultra-narrow bezel, ultra- thin body and all-metal body makes the content more conspicuous.

Real multi-touch experience
A variety of multi-touch infrared screens (2/6/10/30-point) are optional.