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iSurface Touch Technology

The iSurface touch technology is based on the proven Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology. All the reflection stripes are moved to the back surface of the touchscreen. The areas where the transducers are located must flush with the front, rear and side surfaces of the glass panel so that the surfaces are continuous and even. The back surface of the glass panel where the arrays of reflectors are situated should have an opaque coating to keep the transducers and the cables from being visible at the front. The completely flat screen makes the surface perfect and easy to be integrated into monitors and other devices.

Though different from the conventional SAW technology, the iSurface touch technology delivers the same superior touch performance. With a completely flat screen, the iSurface has achieved esthetic appearance and top-notch functionality. General Touch iSurface features quick and accurate responses without any drift-off. Since reflection strips are located on the back surface, it is easier to integrate iSurface touchscreen into your total solutions.

 How It Works

More simple and beautiful Zero-bezel design
Acoustic wave emitter and receiver are placed on the backside of screen. Bezel-free, true flat, clean appearance can prevent dust gathering effectively and make cleaning easier.

Easy customization and integration
iSurface touch solution offers a wide range of cost-efficient customization options to meet your requirements including size, thickness, anti-vandal/anti-glare surface treatment, etc. And it’s easier to integrate iSurface touch screen into other devices like POS, intelligent robot, etc.

Accurate touch to the edge
With the accurate touch of SAW, by moving the reflection strips to the edges. iSurface touch screen achieves the full-screen touch by moving reflection stripes to the backside of the touch screen.

Stability & Excellent Performance
Dust proof, water proof, anti-vandal performance enhancement; Pure glass structure; Stable and durable
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iSurface Touchscreen
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Touch Tech Comparison
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