How to select right touchscreen and touch technology

Every touch technology has its own value, and with Generaltouch 23 years of touch experience, we recommend touch solutions based on application scenarios to help improve stability and reliability in interactive environments. For pure outdoor scenarios facing the challenges of sunlight, wind, rain, and ultraviolet rays, currently, infrared touch technology is the most effective solution, with IP65/IP66 protection level, no material fatigue issues, anti-light interference, high fault tolerance, and a one-to-many working mechanism, even if 50% of infrared lamps fail, touch function can still be maintained.
For indoor long-term warranty, reliable human-computer interaction, anti-violence, and safe public interaction application scenarios, such as prison interactive equipment, ATM machines, etc., currently, SAW technology can effectively meet these requirements with a quality guarantee period of up to 5-10 years. This is because SAW touch screen is inherently simple, using four transducers and a piece of glass to achieve touch interaction, which is simple and not easily damaged. It has stable interaction, can easily handle non-human touch objects, and can detect and not respond to sharp objects, keys, mosquitoes, and illegal touch objects. It efficiently recognizes only finger touch objects. This reliable human-computer interaction is based on SAW working mechanism, where Generaltouch SAW working frequency is in the MHz level, and fingers have a natural sensitivity to absorb SAW characteristics, while other illegal touch objects are not very sensitive. In addition, the force of finger touch is strongly associated with the absorption of SAW, and the application of touch force in human-computer interaction needs to be further developed to meet the needs of applications that require response to finger touch force.
In the next issue, we will introduce the application scenarios of PCAP and resistive touch screen, as well as the technical logic behind the selection of these two touch technologies.
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Post time: May-09-2023