Introducing our High-Strength Curved Capacitive Touchscreen

Our High-Strength Curved Capacitive Touchscreen is designed with two key features that set it apart from other screens on the market.
Unparalleled Safety and High Impact Resistance: Our display boasts exceptional safety and high impact resistance, making it the perfect choice for demanding environments. With an impressive impact resistance of up to 30J (1.7kg steel ball dropped from a height of 2m without shattering), it surpasses the commonly promoted IK10 standard (20J impact resistance with a 5kg steel ball dropped from a height of 0.4m without shattering). This means that our screen can withstand significantly higher levels of impact, ensuring the safety of both the display itself and the individuals using it.
Physical Tempering for Reduced Risk of Injury: To further enhance safety, our High-Strength Curved Capacitive Display utilizes physical tempering. In the unlikely event of glass breakage, the fragments will adopt a blunt, granular shape, reducing the risk of injury to individuals. This feature provides peace of mind, particularly in special circumstances where accidents may occur.
With its exceptional safety features and superior impact resistance, our High-Strength Curved Capacitive Display is the ideal solution for environments that require optimal durability and a reduced risk of harm to users. Invest in our display and ensure the safety and reliability of your touchscreen experiences.


Post time: Nov-02-2023