• Welcome to our showroom at virtual #G2E 2020

    Welcome to our showroom at virtual #G2E 2020

    Welcome to our showroom at virtual #G2E 2020 (October 27-28,2020). Schedule a meeting in advance with a member of our team to learn more information about the latest touch solution for gaming at home/office to save your time.
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  • Happy GT 20th Anniversary

    Happy GT 20th Anniversary

    A warm thank you to all our staff members, customers, and partners who have helped us along the way. Thank you for a special 20 years and we are looking forward to the next successful chapter together.
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  • GT Thru-Gloves Multi-Touch

    GT Thru-Gloves Multi-Touch

    PCAP Touch has gained a great following from the onset with its true-flat appearance and responsiveness to finger touch. In recent times, General Touch (GT) has made further PCAP Touch advancements so that operating GT PCAP touchscreens while wearing multi-layers of gloves is no longer an issue. ...
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  • GT live stream

    GT live stream

    Online meetings, webinars and livestreaming are all the rave in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to prolonged international travel restrictions, GT sales teams have also resorted to online video meetings, discussions and presentations to demo and expound the finer features of GT’s new and ...
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  • GT’s Patents

    GT’s Patents

    GT has owned more than 200 global and domestic patents and never stopped to innovate and create value for customers. GT heavily invests in R&D to produce touchscreens with a broad range of sizes (7” to 86”), for a wide range of applications and long periods of utilization. With a focus on del...
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  • GT’s PCAP Production Facility

    GT’s PCAP Production Facility

    GT installed a top grade PCAP touchscreen production line in 2019 to cope with the expanding market demand. The 1500 square meters facility has an annual production capacity of one million PCAP touchscreens, which fully complies with national environmental protection standards. The clean-room env...
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    Although everyone loves the true flat PCAP touch technology, the fat black border (12mm) seems to be a ‘necessary evil’. General Touch (GT) has researched and developed PCAP Touchscreens with border widths less than 3mm. GT’s X-Trim PCAP Touch technology achieves a 98.2% screen-...
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  • General Touch Antimicrobial Germ-Guard™ Plus   Optical Bonding Protector Installation

    General Touch Antimicrobial Germ-Guard™ Plus Optical Bonding Protector Installation

    General Touch extended its wellness and safety solutions for post-pandemic digital signage and kiosks with General Touch antimicrobial touch screen protector. Our antimicrobial touch screen protector can help reduce the spread of surface germs, preventing the build-up and growth on such devices f...
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  • GT’s Reliability Test

    GT’s Reliability Test

    To ensure touch products will perform as claimed when delivered to the customer, General Touch conducts a series of reliability tests on the mass production model. GT is also certified to conduct Windows Hardware Quality lab testing. These include ESD, High and Low Temperature, Hardware and Softw...
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  • GT Through Glass Touch

    GT Through Glass Touch

    Swell Touch – Through Glass Touch technology from General Touch GT’s advanced touch technology extends and swells the PCAP touch sensing field that penetrates up to 12mm thick glass panes, which will allow touchscreens to be operated behind a glass partition. With GT’s Swell Tou...
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  • General Touch Liquid Rejection

    General Touch Liquid Rejection

    GT’s Liquid Rejection Touch technology eliminates the problem of liquid intrusion onto the touchscreen whereby the touch functions go haywire. Enjoy your multi-touch experience even if liquids such as water or perspiration invade the touchscreen. Click the video for a more graphic represent...
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  • GT’s Hover PIT Touch

    GT’s Hover PIT Touch

    GT’s Hover PIT Touch provides user unique experience by simply letting your finger hover above the screen. Floating height is up to 30 mm which create a hygienic protection for user without direct touch.
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