Outdoor applications

Outdoor applications

Outdoor Touch computer is a high-tech electronic touch control product that integrates computer, TV, touch screen, multimedia technology, Internet, and other functions. Its environmental adaptability is robust. With integrated design, beautiful shape, and fashion trend, it has been applied to many fields, such as teaching, meeting, inquiry, and exhibition, as well as to equipment like landing touch inquiry machine, outdoor highlighted digital signs, large-scale tourist guide display screen, intelligent express cabinet, and interactive vertical advertising machine.

For 20 years, General Touch has been insisting on providing high-quality solutions for all outdoor touch applications. General Touch’s products have waterproof, dust-proof, riot-proof, light-proof interference, highlight, and high-temperature resistance characteristics. Large-size, dynamic, audio-visual integration of the outdoor touch function stimulates the audience of a full range of senses, effectively conveying information to guide consumption. It can be installed in the premium business district and the traffic hub with the dense pedestrian flow and work for 24 hours without interruption, extending the release time. With touch interaction, people can self-help query the information needed for human-computer exchange, which gives them a different experience. On outdoor touch applications publishing government affairs information and city propaganda film can beautify the city image and improve the city grade and taste. In addition, General Touch Outdoor Touch Integrator combines environmental protection and energy-saving, high-resolution imaging, natural and delicate colors, video and text display, wide viewing angle, and other modern high technology with traditional media.

General Touch’s Touch solutions are applied to devices such as:

  • Smart Locker


Products Built for Outdoor applications

  • High Bright Touchmonitors